With a name like McLaren Vale, you’d think we make Scotch. But we live on the opposite side of the planet to Scotland in a climate that’s equally converse. And that’s led to something very special in the world of whisky. For here, the power of the sun breathes life into casks that have nurtured some of the world’s finest wines, hastening the maturity of our whisky and imparting unique character. Whilst we are still very busy building this site and our distillery, the very first spirit from our traditional copper still is already rapidly coming of age in its casks. (If you love whisky as we do, you’ll appreciate our priorities). Visit us virtually or come to the Vale soon to taste the dram we call the breath of the sun, made in single casks from single malts for a singularly unique experience in every single bottle.

Become a private 'barell owner'

The McLaren Vale Distillery offers a limited number of enthusiasts the rare opportunity to mix canny business with undeniable pleasure as the exclusive ‘owner’ of a 100-litre barrel of our maturing single-malt whisky.

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